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About Us

Self-government Teaching Centre (SOD) in Częstochowa is a public teacher training institution formed on 1stSeptember 2000 by the city of Częstochowa Council resolution.  It is the first such institution set up by local government in Silesia province and one of the first in Poland.

The most significant aim of the teaching centre is to prepare teachers for new tasks and duties, to help them implement the changesin the education process as well as to support the teacher development in accordance with the reform of the Polish system of education.

The objective is accomplished by a wide range of forms, e.g.: organizing various teacher training and advising activities based on the evaluation of the teachers’ needs, individual and group support meetings, methodology conferences, teaching qualification courses, non-profit and profit workshops along with cooperating with local authorities. To add, the teaching centre helps in becoming popular new methodological approaches in theory and practice by publishing articles in  The Educational Bulletin written by teachers, teacher advisers and consultants. Most of the published materials inspire the readers to practice the new and innovative solutions with students, to use or to modify the ready-made ideas in the process of teaching and educating.

Every year more than 17000 people make use of the teacher training centre services, 70% of them attend non-profit forms.

The Self-government Teaching Centre (SOD) team consists of 4 teacher consultants and 11 cooperating teacher advisers. Apart from ahigh quality of the offered forms, the strong point of the centre is the teaching base: 4 spacious classrooms including 1 computer room with 15 internet access stations, 3 consultant rooms, 1 teacher adviser room and a reading room. To add, the Research, Analysis and the Development of Education Strategy Group in the teaching centre works on the annual report The progress of educational objectives in the city of Częstochowa.  To provide a proficiency teaching service for educational institutions in Częstochowa, more supporting groups were formed: the ICT Support Group and the Health and Safety Groupin 2015 as well as the Personal Data Protection Group of Inspectors in 2018.

The teaching centre is also responsible for the comprehensive support in the Częstochowa school development. Evaluating the educational needs of particular schools with a group of leader teachers, the coordinators planthe support and moderate the implementation of the planned actions including expert workshops and lectures. In addition, the teacher centre cooperates with other educational institutions to organize various contests, projects and activities in response to the educational and local needs.

Self-government Teaching Centre (SOD) in Częstochowa was given the Chef Education Officer of Silesia accreditation in 2018 for the high quality and proficiency of the provided services.

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